Box Shadow Fun with Content

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Would you like to make some of your content stand out from other content on your site?

One of the many ways to make some content stand out that your web designer can do is to use a box shadow around the content that you want to stand out.

There are almost an endless combinations of things you can do with box shadows. I have provided some examples of some below. As you can see with the basic box shadow it just adds a shadow around the are to make it look a bit like it is popping off of the page, this is what I call the clean paper look. If you compare this are to the no box shadow area you can see how just this basic change can make content stand out. You can also take a colored approach if that will fit your websites needs, you will notice that I also rounded the corners of this area just to take a way the box look. One other way that I like is the newspaper look with the inset Box Shadow, this area now looks like you could just pick it up off of the screen as it looks like a piece of newspaper just laying there.

You can also make these type of changes to buttons and text areas.

I have displayed a few examples of this below also. If this look like something you would like done to your website feel free to contact us for a free quote for any of your web design needs.

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