Importance of responsive web design

Written by Super User


Many of you may ask, what it responsive web design and what does it mean for my website?

Responsive web design is a development approach for a website that aims to provide an ever changing layout biased on the size of the screen that is viewing the webpage. In turn it would make the site easier to read and navigate on mobile devices.responsive web design

Responsive web design gives your site a way to handle any sized screen from a small smart phone all the way up a big screen TV. It allows you to not only change the layout of the page but also add and remove content from the screen depending on the screen size.

Here are some examples of some of the most valuable uses for responsive web design,

  • Move Content around to make it easier to read 
  • No need to have more then one website to fit different screen sizes
  • Helps boots your sites SEO
  • You don't have to pay someone to maintain multiple versions of your website
  • visitors will enjoy content optimized for their devices.
  • Can act like a mobile application so you do not need to develop a mobile app
  • You are in concordance with the Google policy which highly recommends the use of a responsive design

Let’s say you have some rather large images on your site, when a user goes to your site on a desktop PC you would assume they have a fast internet connection so the images load with no lag time but when someone is on a mobile device maybe they do not have that same internet speed so you could remove the images from the mobile screen or make them smaller so they are not taking up the whole screen on the mobile device.responsive web design  

Also on a mobile screen you might want to display your number at the top that gives the user an icon to click to make a call to your business but on the large desktop you would not want to display that same call option because you would assume they are not on a phone anymore.

With responsive web design your imagination is the only limitation to what it can do.

Many company’s maintain two websites, one for mobile and another for desktop users, the issue with that is they have two code bases to maintain and they have to add content in two places to keep both sites up-to-date. With responsive web design you can maintain your site in one place as there is only one site that will work on any number of screen sizes.  

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