Why is Testing Important

Written by Super User


Testing is necessary because everyone makes mistakes and you would not want your customers to find those mistakes when they are using your application or website because that could reflect bad on your brand.

Since we know that our work will have mistakes we need to check our own work. Some mistakes come from bad assumptions and blind spots, so we might make the same mistakes when we check our own work as we made when we did it. It is just like proof reading a document, you can read the same thing over and over but when someone else reads it they see the issue right off the bat. For this reason that is why some outsourced testing can help you and your QA teams find more issues before you release your new product.

Testing is one of the most overlooked process that can really improve any application or site. Let tgfmSolutions help you with all of your testing needs. We can test your application in the wild out in the real world and break away from the normal office structure and use your website or application just as other real users would do to help you find more issue.  


Take a look at this video by Jonathan Kohl on mobile testing